DataWake Domain Dive

Domain Dive takes extracted attributes from a website such as email address, url, and phone numbers and queries an Elasticsearch index for other pages that contain those attributes.

Forensic View This is our standard Forensic view. Notice the smaller green nodes, these are email addresses and phone numbers.

Domain Dive Forensic View This is the Forensic View after performing a Domain Dive. Notice that the smaller green nodes are now surrounded by small brown nodes. Those are web pages that we have previously looked at that contain those phone numbers and/or email addresses.

DataWake Depot

The DataWake Depot gives users the ability to manage users, domains, and settings. Additionally, the application can be configured to export all page content and extracted information to RESTFul service, Elasticsearch, or Kafka.

DataWake Depot

DataWake Prefetch

Datawake prefetch allows a user to define entities and initiate a crawl of all websites containing those entities.

More information on DataWake Prefetch can be found on our Gihub Page