How To Deploy DGA-Giraph

    $ sudo cp -r dga-giraph/build/dist /opt/dga/

Configuring DGA-Giraph

DGA Giraph has 3 means of configuration; defaults, configuration file values, and command line configuration settings. Any configuration key specified in the default will be overridden by that same key if it is given in the configuration file. Any configuration key specified in either the default or the configuration file will be overridden by the property if specified on the command line.

Configuration file changes are meant to apply to dga-giraph for the general use of the install. Things like a reasonable memory setting for or number of workers or giraph.zkList are excellent values to place in the configuration file. Then, if you need more memory or more workers, you can override the configuration file by passing in the same arguments via the command line.

The options we allow you to specify are broken into 2 main types; -D key=value and -ca key=value. In the XML configuration file, we have 3 types total; one of which are the base flags built into Giraph (things like -w or -q) (which we call system (-D parameters), custom (-ca parameters), and default - do not confuse this default with the default configuration values hard coded into the class com.soteradefense.dga.DGARunner)

A full list of the options that you can provide to each analytic can be found on this page: DGA Giraph Options

Ready For Examples?

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